Saturday 25 May, 2024

Starting at 09:00am

Talent Garden

Calle Juan de Mariana 15, 28045 Madrid, Spain

Gold Sponsor – Trackingplan

How much time do you spend manually auditing your analytics, marketing pixels, or campaigns?

Trackingplan is a marketing observability tool designed to save analysts and tagging specialists time. It continuously monitors both web and app traffic to notify you before problems have a significant impact.

  • Trackingplan is plug and play: easy to install, it auto-detects all your analytics, product, and marketing stack, and starts monitoring after just a few days of learning.
  • Every day, you’ll receive a summary report on the status of your websites and apps. This includes everything from traffic tagged in campaigns to the behavior of data sent to marketing pixels.
  • When an error is detected, Trackingplan immediately begins debugging to identify the problem’s origin and ensure its quick resolution.
  • In the meantime, you can explore your data in real-time, without the wait for your analytics tool to consolidate.

Install Trackingplan for free now and let it start working for you!” 

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