Saturday 25 May, 2024

Starting at 09:00am

Talent Garden

Calle Juan de Mariana 15, 28045 Madrid, Spain

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Boost Marketing Campaign Efficiency: Increase your return on ad spend (RoAS) by up to 20%.

Enhanced Data Collection: increase data collection by up to 30% while ensuring its accuracy and full user privacy compliance.

Data Passport: Provide your data with the keys to not be mistaken by ad blockers and extend the lifespan of your cookies, ensuring better reach and effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Consistent Performance: Our platform ensures (real) real-time traffic adaptation, ensuring stable and optimal campaign performance regardless of fluctuations.

Comprehensive Expert Support: Receive personalized assistance at every stage of your migration to Server-Side Tagging from our team of experts, available to address all your questions.

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